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Doc stated laparotomy,insertion of jejunostomytube

Can I Bill for Laparotomy? - Midline inc.made through the skin &Subcu.tisue and ext.down to fascia, which was incised and elevated & the abd.was entered.A few adhesions of omentu. to abdwall were taken down sharpley.End of the Roux-en-Y jujunal loop was dissected off the peritoneal surface at the site of the enterocut.fistula using sharp dissection. An adherent loop of small bowel to this rouxeny limb was dissected off using sharp.diss. enterocu.fistula site was enlarged by excising a circular portion of skin and the fascia was incised. Rouexeny loop was brought through the previous enterocu.tract and brought out as an external stoma. The jejunum was tacked to the peritoneal surface using 4-0 silk. A 20-French balloon PEG tube was then inserted into the jejunum and the balloon inflated with 8cc saline.
Looking for CPT and Dx.Codes Postop DX: Displaced jejunostomy tube If you can help thanks - Im still new at this.