Help with elbow surgery please.

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Good afternoon everyone,

Doc is trying to use open codes for arthroscopic surgery. Here is the OP note:

Direct midline posterior and posterolateral arthroscopy portals were established began with evaluation and treatment of the back at the elbow. A complete synovectomy was performed. I then went to the medial gutter and resected the large osteophyte impinging on the ulnar nerve. The ulnar nerve was protected during the entirety of this portion of the procedure. Next, I resected the tip of the olecranon with high-speed burr, and removed the osteophytes from the olecranon fossa. At this point, I could extend the elbow
fully. I then switched the portals, made an accessory posterolateral and direct lateral portal, and performed a complete synovectomy at posterolateral gutter. I removed a bone spur from this region and debrided the radiocapitellar joint. At this time, all debris, fluid, and instruments were removed from the joint. Portals were closed 3-0 nylon. Soft sterile dressing was applied. The patient was placed into a sling and returned to the recovery room, with a drain that was placed arthroscopically.

I was going to use 29834 (removal of bone spur), 29836 (complete synovectomy), and 24999 along with comparable code 24149 (resection of olecranon tip/removal of olecranon fossa osteophytes). I wanted to see what anyone else thought. Thanks.