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Hemorrhage Control during C-section


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My doctors sometimes are asked to standby and then help control hemorrhaging during C-Sections when there is a problem with the placenta growing into the uterus. There is usually a Urologist, Obstetrician, Maternal Fetal Surgeon and Vascular Surgeon working on the patient. It is usually a life and death situation. My Dr. is the Vascular Surgeon, and we are having trouble finding a CPT code for hemorrhage control. He asked if they could bill as a Team. My question is two-fold:
1) Has anyone ever coded for hemorrhage control during a C-Section
2) When billing as a Team, does each surgeon bill the same procedure codes and use the Modifier 66?

I've never billed a Team surgery before and need some guidance here. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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to answer question number 2:
Surgical Team (Modifier -66) refers to more than two surgeons with different skills and specialties, working together to carry out various portions of a complicated surgical procedure during the same operative session on the same date of service for the same member. Each surgical team member should submit the same procedure code with modifier -66 indicating that a team of surgeons was required for the procedure. (follow the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Database Surgical Team indicators for reimbursement
consideration of team surgery) When requesting reimbursement for a team of surgeons. Each surgical team member must provide their full name, provider and tax ID numbers, percentage of allowance, operative report, and signature
If the procedure has a Team Indicator of "0" = Team surgery is not permitted for that code.
If it's indicator "1" - bill the procedure with .66, send op notes, send documentation of medical necessity for team
If it's indicator "2" - bill procedure with modifier 66 and send op notes.
{that's my opinion on question #2}

here's a modifier 66 decision tree link - http://rimedicare.com/provider/datanaly/modflow/mod66.pdf
(never coded a c section hemorrhage control so can't comment on question #1)
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