hepatico jejunal anastomosis balloon dilatation


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How should I code for hepatico jejunal anastomosis balloon dilatation
Can I code 47555.

Procedure: Risks, benefits, alternatives and possible
complications of the procedure were discussed with the patient
understood and consent willingly. With the patient in the supine
position the left abdomen and indwelling catheter was prepped and
draped in the usual sterile fashion. The indwelling stent was
then removed over a wire and exchanged for an 8-French sheath.
After placement of a stiff guidewire, and the stricture of the
hepatico jejunal anastomosis was dilated using a 14-mm mm x 4 cm
Atlas angioplasty balloon. Repeat cholangiogram was performed. A
14 French internal external biliary drain which was then placed
with its tip in the bowel. The external end of the catheter was
capped to drainage bag The patient tolerated the procedure without

Findings: Initial cholangiogram demonstrates a nondilated biliary
system. Flow through the biliary system is noted. However,
recurrent stricture of the hepaticojejunal anastomosis is noted.
This stricture was dilated using a 14-mm diameter angioplasty
balloon. The drainage of the biliary system post stenting was

Conclusion: Cholangiogram demonstrates some flow through but with
recurrent stricture of the hepaticojejunal anastomosis. Balloon
dilatation of stricture of hepaticojejunal anastomosis was
performed using a 14 -mm diameter angioplasty balloon with good
cosmetic result. 14-French internal-external biliary drainage
catheter left in place across the left biliary tree extending into
the bowel. The patient is to return for follow-up examination in
one month.


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I am thinking 47555 would be correct

Biliary endoscopy, percutaneous via T-tube or other tract; with dilation of biliary duct stricture(s) without stent