HIV test to rule out as cause of hearing loss


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One of members brought this to our attention.
His doctor ran a battery of labs to rule out causes of hearing loss and the Dx was HIV 042. He states that he never has been diagnosed with HIV and really would like this Dx changed. Upon reaching out to the provider he states the Dx is correct.
Has anyone ran into this sort of thing in the past?
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if the patient has never been diagnosed as an HIV + patient then he has a right to demand this be removed and file a complaint if the provider does not submit a corrected claim. The 042 dx code indicates symptomatic HIV+ status, (such as AIDS)- I have discovered this many times as coders, billers, providers do not understand the importance of correct coding, they are focus/obsessed with only payment of a claim no matter what it takes. If the provider insists this is correct, the patient should request a personal review of his/her medical record to review the progress note for the encounter as well as the lab result.