HIV Testing


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This is in regards to four CPT codes for HIV testing:

87536, 83896, 83890 and 83898.

The insurance co and CCI edits state that 83896, 83890 and 83898 are bundled into 87536 but a modifier is allowed. The rep here wants to write them off. 87536 includes all but here is the reason for the testing. If anyone can give input that would be helpful.

The lab states that 87536 is for the RNA/DNA testing of the HIV virus itself.

They state that 83896, 83890 and 83898 are for the testing of DNA of the individual. Prior to 1998, these same tests were done before 87536 being a new code at that time for the 87536 service. That is why I believe there is a CCI edit. I believe that we should bill for the service but would like input from others that have experience in this.