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Patient comes in for a holter monitor study in a hospital setting.
The holter monitor is owned by an outside vendor and the outside vendor does not charge the hospital for use of the equipment, vendor charges 93226.
The monitor is connected by a hospital employed technician who provides patient education on use and disconnection, hospital charges 93225.
Non hospital employed physician performs the review and interp, physician charges 93227.
Is it appropriate for the hospital to charge 93225 if they are only performing the connection, and disconnection not the recording because the outside vendor owns the equipment?


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Holter Monitor w outside vendor

I have the same question. It seems that a few are changing style on how the sevices for the Holter Monitors are being provided....
Our office has contracted an outside vendor for the HOlter Monitors. This company gave to us the holters, we do the hook up and disconnection of the monitor and the company prepares the scans and get them ready for the Doctor. The MD is able to access the reports thru the web and provides an interpretation and report.
The company instead of charging for the holters, bills for the 93326 to the insurance company.
Since the hook up and disconnection is done by our office personel...Can we charge for the code 93325? The place of service 11. Can you still use this code with POS 11?
It so confusing..........