Holter monitor report


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I have a FU of a Holter monitor report. The office visit was documented "greater than 30 mins. spent exploring options & treatments." I was thinking 99212 99354X1, but it doesn't
feel right. This office visit only consited of the review & options discussion.

Any input greatly appreciated,

Kirsten "rookie"
Holter Monitor Report

You have to look at the circumstances which should be very unusual that cause the physician to spend over 30mins just for holter interpt.

I feel this should be coded @ 99213 that's all.

I am open for other comments or suggestions.

since the provider documented time you should be able to do a 99214, but I wouldn't bill anything else. The level 4 is for greater than 25 minutes. (if the provider had spent more than 40 then it would be a level 5 etc)
Thanks for your reply. I'm confused about the EM level having a problem focused Hx, no exam, Dx of Arrythmias, and the discussion of options & treatments taking more than 30 mins. I thought that you must have 2/3 components for an established patient?

Again, any input is appreciated as I do not know where else to look for an answer,

Thanks for your help. I'm confused about the EM level. I only have a problem focused hx, no exam, dx of Arrythmias, and the discussion of options & treatments. How can I get to a level 3?

This feels like a very gray area!
Hi ,
I'm very embarrassed for my lack of knowledge. I found an article from Coding Edge on Time Based E/M , and that put me with a level 3, as you suggested.