Home Infusion help!!!!!!!!!


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Additional clarification needed on the correct number of units to bill for per diems for home infusion services.

Per Diem definition – The payment made to Facility for each day that a Customer receives a prescribed therapy or other covered services pursuant to this agreement beginning with the day the therapy is initiated and ending with the day the therapy is discontinued.

S9330- Continuous (24 hours or more) – reimbursement $ 50.00
S9931- Intermittent (less than 24 hours) – reimbursement $ 20.00

The confusion comes in when the patient is on a continuous therapy and is infusing over 24 hours.

Example: The patient is infusing chemotherapy. The patient hooks up and stays hooked up for 3 days at a time.

Most home infusion therapies are infused daily however the continuous therapies are over several days at a time. For the continuous therapies should the per diem be billed daily or per dose?