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My practice has a RD on staff and she wants to do nutritional therapy for a patient that has no insurance in that pts home. She wants to use code 97802 for the first visit and 97803 for the follow up visits. I have a few reservations about this.

All of the research that I've done for these codes state that the therapy should take place in an office setting and when I called Medicare they stated that they would deny these codes with a pos of 12. I realize that this claim would not go to an insurance company because the patient is self pay, but its my understanding that you should not bill a self pay patient for a code that you know is not payable by Medicare due to the way your billing it....that had you billed the code correctly it would have been covered by Medicare. I'm hoping that the last statement made sense. :eek:

I would love some feedback from you about what your opinion is on this subject. I would also love to know if any of you have a RD on staff, do they do home visits and if so, how do you bill them out and what codes do you use?