Hospice billing using the M2 modifier for Inpatient Respite Care


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I have a question regarding billing for inpatient respite care- I know the benefit only will pay for five days at a time unless the 6th day the patient expires. It is my understanding that there can be more than one respite care during a benefit period- How is the M2 modifier used and at what point or number of respite care days- from what I have read there can be less than five days during an episode and then additional days again, once the total hits five then the M2 would be used for the remaining days? Also what is the typical of length of time for the From and Through date in FL- 06 on the UB-04? Is the From date the admission date and is the through date the discharge date- I would think not always- Thank you in advance and Make it a great day !!

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