Hospital Scenarios


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I have 2 scenarios that I need help with.

#1. Our surgeon had a scheduled surgery yesterday and after about an hour on hold due to the patient's testing, the surgery was canceled due to elevated sugar levels. The patient had already been administered an IV and saw our doc. This delayed the surgeon on the rest of his surgeries for the day. Can we bill for this?

#2. Our doc is on call at the hospital and sees a patient post-op knee sx (he's not the surgeon) with an infection. The patient is demented/old, can't recall who his surgeon was so our guy has to do investigating and spends about an hour and a half talking to the family, his surgeon, etc. He also later on at night receives a few phonecalls from the family. In addition to the E/M, can he use another code or modifier to reflect the time spent on this case?

Any help will be very much appreciated!
JOGelico, CPC