Hospitalist care during post up 90 surgeon global period same taxonomy


Paxtonville, PA
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I am coding for a Hospitalist group and having terrrible trouble with denials during our surgeons post op period because they all fall under the same taxonomy #. The Hospitalist group usually gets called in for post op consults and subseq. visits during our orthopedic and general surgeons post op 90 day global period usually following for HTN or Diabetes care ect. while in Inpatient care. BCBS has told us to use Mod 24 or Mod XP but I do not feel either of these are appropriate; different physician and is not Mod 59 appropiate on an E/M so why would I use X modifier. Up until recently I would have follow up appeal stating different specialties and different Dx used. Any help as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!

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