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We have a rehab physician joining our hospitalists, which will have his own NPI, but our doctors will want to see his patients as well. We are needing to know if a patient is transferred from inpatient hospital to inpatient hospital rehab, can one physician bill place of service 61 and another physician in a different group practice that also sees the patient bill place of service 21?

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Why would you use POS 61? Is your inpatient rehab a CORF, and will the patient be moving from one inpatient stay to another? Provider type does not determine POS. Your patient's admission status determines POS. So if the patient is in an acute care hospital under an inpatient stay and both providers are seeing the patient in the same bed, POS is going to be 21. If your rehab physician has a different specialty/taxonomy code than the hospitalists, and is seeing and treating the mutual patient for a different condition, then both can bill under POS 21. If you bill under POS 61 and 21, this assumes that the patient is discharged from 21 and admitted to 61, which is quite unlikely.