How To Code Different Cardiac Branches


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If I have a patient that has Combined Rt heart cath and retrograde Lt heart cath for congenital anomalies and then the physician also injects the following

LA(left artery)
RA(right artery)

LUPV(left upper pulmonary vein)
RUPV(right upper pulmonary vein)
LLPV(left lower pulmonary vein)
MPA(main pulmonary artery)

Is there any way that you can code each entrance/cardiac branch separately? Please advise. Would this be were the physician says that he/she is performing a selective cath. If so then should I use the codes from the 30000 series or the 90000 series??
I would not use codes from 30000's series. 9000's, yes.

I would use the code for the congenital heart cath (not sure without the report), and when you put "LA (left artery)/RA (right artery)" do you mean atrium(s)? If so, I would use 93565 for left atrial angiography and 93566 for right atrial angiography. If not, then we would need to know what arteries in order to ensure proper coding captured.

And for the all the pulmonary angiography, 93568.

If he really did place the catheter in the pulmonary artery, then take a look at 36014/36015.

Sometimes posting the report will yeild more answers because other coders have a chance to see what's been done and documented.