Question how to code for Inpatient telehealth in 2023 ?


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telehealth service (30mins )provided by a physician(Neurologist) to an established patient he was inpatient. patient has Medicare. I code: 99443 POS 21 modifier 95.
do I need to fill-in the box of admit day and discharge day?

What will be the correct code for? please share your opinion and your experience. I am very appreciate it. thank you All.
Hi there. 99443 is a telephone (audio-only) code. You can report it when the patient initiates the call, hasn't received an E/M service from provider within the past 7 days [edit - or within 24 hours or soonest available appointment after the call] and you're certain that the call involved at least 21 minutes of medical discussion.

If it was a telehealth service with a real-time, audio and visual connection you would report the appropriate inpatient code.
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