Hydration coding when Push done.


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Will appreciate input on coding for hydration when push is done. Cannot locate text on deducting push time from Saline. On my hiring training only IV Infusion time & KVO time was deducted. However now I am informed when push is done that time is also included in time deducting from Saline to determine if saline codable if given 31 & . mins.

Example :-
Saline 9:21 -11:45 = Not Codable as 96361
Doxorubicin 09:52 – 10:23 = IV Infusion
Cyclophosph 10:30 – 11:30 = IV Infusion
Dexamethasone 09:20 – 9:35 = Push
Aprepitant 11:31 – 11:33 = Push
Thank you fore assisting.


True Blue
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An IV push is a type of infusion (defined as an infusion lasting 15 minutes or less), so that time should also be deducted as with any other type of infusion. Hydration time would only be coded when the hydration is the only fluid running at the time. The exception would be if it was running at a separate access site and separate catheter.

So I would agree with the guidance you are being given and that the hydration cannot be coded in the example you've provided.

From CPT:
Intravenous or intra-arterial push is defined as: (a) an injection in which the individual who administers the drug/substance is continuously present to administer the injection and observe the patient, or (b) an infusion of 15 minutes or less.

hydration codes 96360 or 96361 are not used when the purpose of the intravenous fluid is to "keep open" an IV line prior or subsequent to a therapeutic infusion, or as a free-flowing IV during chemotherapy or other therapeutic infusion.