I changed my career path...earned my CPC on my first attempt...now looking for a coding opportunity!

Long Beach, CA
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You and I might have something in common. We are both looking for a long term relationship which will benefit each of us. And like many successful relationships, it all starts with a hello.

Now, I am not trying to sound pompous but I have many years of experience and skill. But, here’s the kicker...I am changing my career path to Medical Coding. That means you are able to take advantage of a situation affording you a highly motivated individual with tremendous upside at a serious discount. Giving you an ROI which is through the roof!

I have attached my resume and would appreciate any consideration. If I am not what you are looking for but you know someone who is then please let them know about me.

So, that is my hello to you. Would you like to say hello to me?


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