i & d abscess cavity with umbilical herniorrhaphy


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Procedure: umbilical herniorrhaphy and incision and drainage of abscessed cavity

The report says, "The umbilicus was separated from the underlying attachments to the fascia and a sub-one cm sized umbilical hernia defect was present through which abscess cavity was present. The debris was cleared out and irrigated. A small round JP drain was placed in this pocket under the fascia and teh fascia was tehn closed over it with figure of eight vicryl repairing the hernia defect. The JP was brought out through a separate stab wound. The skin was closed..."

Not sure how to code this... if he says its an umbilical hernia defect- does that count as the birth defect codes 49600 through 49611- I was thinking these are for babies and that 49580 through 49587 were adult umbilical repair codes? And what- would I use for the I & D, or is that kind of included? 49020?