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Pls help I cant Figure it out where did I got wrong ..Pl ..Pls anybody can pls explaine to me I am kind nah lost I need a hug:confused:

9 Laceration of right hand from assault with knife, initial encounter. Assign both the diagnosis code and the external cause code.
S61.421 , X99.1xxA

Points: 0.5

10 Assign the appropriate external cause code and activity code for an injury due to a tackle during a football game, initial encounter.
Y93.61A , Y92.320

Points: 0
You have the wrong dx code on #1 and no 7th character for episode
# 2 you did not code the tackle go to index for external causes and look under tackle, also the activity code is only 5 characters, and your place code is incorrect.
where did you find an ICD-10 Cm pretest?
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