I'm looking for coding job in Northern CO


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I'm seeking a coding position in Northern CO; I have many years experience in the medical field, two Associates degrees, and most recently a diploma in Medical Billing and Coding. I took and passed my CPC exam on the first try in December, was a straight "A" student and had perfect attendance in school. Coding comes naturally and easily to me and my schooling offered the experience to code for a variety of areas.

I have worked on EMR systems, 3M Encoder, am proficient in Microsoft Office, and have helped the billers in the medical office code services. I am a very quick learner and just need the opportunity to prove to an employer how valuable I am. I have reference letters from previous and current employers and would be an asset to any office. I am willing to take a coding test or code "mock" SOAP notes as a requirement of employment as well.

My resume and reference letters are attached; please feel free to email (or call) if you have any questions or want more information from me.

Thank you!