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Hey everyone... I am earnestly and currently seeking full time medical coder position within the Triangle area...
In order to briefly, but extensively elaborate on my high level of expertise which I can offer to any Medical office or healthcare institution... I can recall most of this from memory and it grows daily...

As a coder, I keep abreast of all medical coding guidelines, the highest level of technology, and always pursuing learning and growth potential...

ICD-10 proficiency:

I am extremely familiar with the ICD-10 codes that are utilized ( for instance the S codes used for fractures and some of the M codes for osteoarthritis and other ailments.) I10 is essential hypertension, E11.65 is type II diabetes,*F codes are mental health (F31), F31 for bipolar, F32.9 for major depression, F41.9 for anxiety.**This is just a brief description of my proficient knowledge and expertise with ICD-10. I am very familiar with the entire ICD-10 manual...

CPT coding proficiency:

I am very familiar with the surgical/anesthesiology/EM/mental health, etc.*coding as well. I know as physicians perform*ORIF for say the 2000 codes (musculoskeletal) of which would be coded accordingly. I also know the surgical section of the CPT manual is 10021--69990 which is the most largest. This keeps us coders on our toes and current with updating Medicare guidelines.
I know as psychiatrists perform*a variety of therapy services such as*the
initial psyche evaluation (90791), psychotherapy based on how much time psychiatrist spends with patient (90832, 90834, 90837) and group therapy (90853)
I also am aware that some surgical codes include anesthesiology of which the separate anesthesiology code would not be included...
Otherwise; the AAPC has a ASA crosswalk which converts the surgical procedures that was performed over to the associated anesthesiology codes that would be also coded in association with the surgical code... Now that everything is typically electronic, this is probably and most likely*conducted*through electronic applications which would avail the medical coder and expedite processes.
And*with regards to E/M codes, I know that one codes for the primary service (say the above surgical/anesthesiology services)*and if an additional assessment is performed, then the associated E/M code would be used for the follow-up visit with a 25 modifier applied to it...*
If a patient goes in for a routine visit, then the appropriate new or established visit (99201-99215) would be evaluated from the encounter notes and applied...


I have the added bonus of being extremely technical savvy. I have experience with various applications within healthcare. I have great expertise in the EPIC electronic medical record system which is most prevalent here in the Triangle area. I know the applications and processes within medical coding (work queues, coding info form, ADT tab, CPT tab, ICD tab, coding query tab, doc review, etc. ... If you do not use EPIC, then most of the EMRs that are utilized are very similar with similar coding applications, so I would be able to assimilate into your systems very expediently. I have experience with E-clinical EMR, CPR + billing application, etc.*I also am knowledgeable of Allscripts, but have not had the pleasure...
I am very familiar with encoder applications that are used in conjunction with most EMR applications. Optum CAC is one of the big apps that coders use in coding. Since I am working on obtaining your great coding opportunity, I use online coding applications to code any encounter or note currently. Given the opportunity, I assume that I would be granted access to any coding resources (encoder app) that I would need to perform my position at the highest levels.
I use any and all online resources to research correct coding protocol. I use CMS NCD and LCD daily in order to code or bill correctly and to follow Medicare guidelines...
In addition and conclusion, I have highest versions of Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016. I am very proficient in these applications and their online counterparts as I am a Microsoft administrator...


As I mentioned in the beginning of this email, I am always pursuing learning and growth potential. I am working on a dual masters degree in Healthcare administration and business administration which assists me in keeping up my CEU units with the AAPC for my CPC. I exhibit great leadership capabilities and*growth potential of*which would be*very useful*within any healthcare system...
So in this capacity, I can definitely fulfill and exceed*every prerequisite of Medical coder positions and start immediately.*

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