Independent visualization of Cpt Medicine test


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Has anyone run into this issue? Our ENT department employs an audiologist who performs audiograms and provides a written report. Because a trained professional has developed a written report (which is billed out under our ENT department)... the providers have been selecting Independent visualization of CPT Medicine test when they analyze the results. I have discussed with them that because the audiogram is being billed out from the ENT department that they should not came this credit... however, my physician provider wants to know if the fact that a trained audiologist has produced a report that he is re-analyzing should this not count as a second read? Just as in the case of a radiologist... What say you? thanks! eal

Note in the case of the audiogram- the "report" I am speaking of is the information used to result the test.
I do not think you can count the 2 data points for the Indepentdent Visualization. There is no image, tracing or specimen for audio. In my opion the physician is reviewing the report that the audiologist has made when viewing the audograms.