Initial inpatient visit. Need education.


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Need to be educated on initial inpatient visits E/M coding.

If the patient is admitted to the hopital and the physicians orders
a treadmill excersise testing with cardiolite & NW Myocardial Perf Multi Rest/Stress test. Is there codes for this, and if there are. Which I'm pretty sure there is. Just haven't looked into it at this moment.

Do you bill for the E/M initial hopitial codes with the cpt for these other services.

Daniel, CPC
Is the physician going to perform these tests?

The patient is an INpatient, right?

I doubt that the physician is actually going to perform these tests him/herself.

I'd bill the appropriate level Initial Inpatient Hospital Visit (using the ordering of tests as part of my data points for MDM).

F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CPC-E/M
I agree with what was said, but modifier 26 wouldn't apply in this case for the othere services.

The patient was hopitalized for one day and half. So yes it was an inpatient visit. Just to add that.
is your physician going to be the interpreting physician of the tests? If so, yes, you may bill those tests with modifier 26

according to your original post ... they are the 'orders' ... which as Tessa said, it would be included in the MDM component under Data Points ...

you'll need to clarify ...

is the doc only admitting the patient?
is the doc admitting and reading the tests?
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Thank You all for who replied. All your input added plus me re-reviewing the notes, I see the admitting physicians just ordered the test. And just reviewed the dictated Diagnostic Imaging. Duh.
The light bulb went off. I'll go ahead and add this up in the MDM.

Daniel, CPC