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Lathrop, California
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I can't find a CPT code that matches the service provided here:

Administrative office visit.

The patient is going to be staying at an intermediate care facility while she is getting anticoagulated post her stay in Hospital for bilateral pulmonary emboli. Dr. F will be supervising the initial phase of her anticoagulation. She has forms filled out that are scanned into the electronic health record. We do correct one medication. She was listed as having amlodipine 10 mg daily, she has been on a combination of amlodipine and benazepril 10/20 mg daily. Since her pressure today is 154/62, which is too high, we will get her back on the medication originally prescribed which should result in improved blood pressure.

The patient is here with her daughter. Again, this is an administrative medical visit. New medication is prescribed on paper on her intermediate care facility med sheet.

We spent a total of 50 minutes in coordination, evaluation, counseling, and explanation. We did also contact Dr. P, who is a vascular specialist, who may do a vascular/thrombophilia evaluation. I will talk with Dr. P in the near future about this and advise the patient and her family.

Since it is administrative I am using Dx V70.3
Any suggestions?