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Westfield, IN
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Hi all! I am hoping someone else out there has run into this scenario that we are currently trying to find guidance on with the COVID-19 crisis going on. We have a pediatric patient who was admitted in the hospital due to respiratory failure and is COVID positive. Patient also has leukemia. Hem/Onc is consulted. They come to PICU and review all labs, imaging data, vital signs. They cannot enter the room due to protective equipment shortage. They perform all other parts of the consultation, including talking to parents, minus the physical examination. They are taking the findings of the physical exam from the ICU attending note who is the only one seeing the patient. They can see the patient through the hospital room window, btw.

How would they bill? We don't feel this falls into telehealth visit, as they are not providing the service via audio/visual. Does anyone think this could fall under the appropriate CPT codes for inpatient consultations, even though they personally didn't perform an exam due to the current circumstances we are facing?

Thank you for any guidance, opinions, or advice!