Is this OB, or Non-OB ultrasound?


Brewer, ME
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Hey guys!

I'm stuck on this one. We have a pt that my provider did an ultrasound on. The U/S report says: Singleton pregnancy. Number of gestational sacs:1. Impression: a gestational sac is visualized, greatest diameter 34 mm. This is consistant with a seven week, four day gestation. There is no yolk sac identified nor is there a fetal pole identifed. When I asked for clarification, DR said that she hasn't had a miscarriage, yet. So now I'm wondering, do I code this as an OB U/S or is it a Non-OB U/S? He has indicated Non-ob Transvaginal. I saw it and hesitated so that is why I am asking you all. What do you think?

In a way I am thinking it could be 76817 because she was/is pregnant it just isn't viable.
But 76830 also makes sense since there is no viable pregnancy...
I code these situations as OB, because the patient came in for an OB ultrasound. A nonviable pregnancy is still a pregnancy.