knee arthroscopy


Winter Springs, FL
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I have not had this one as yet. This has to do with a maltracking patella.

Doctor did an arthroscopic medial reefing and lateral release. He also did a chondroplasty of the patella and lateral menisectomy. I know I can't charge for the Chondroplasty and I know the lateral menisectomy ( 29881), and a lateral release ( 29873 ). But what about the medial reefing ?
The report reads:
Using an arthroscopic reefing procedure, suture was passed thru the medial structure of the medial patellofemoral ligament from outside-in. Sutures were brought out thru the anteromedial portal. A 2ndry stab wound w/spinal needle was placed. Suture passer was used to pass thru the knee, thus shortening the medial parapatellar ligaments. This was performed at three different levels along the medial patella. The lateral release was then performed.
Please help. . . .