lab diagnosis for Med. Monitoring


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Can anyone shed some light on how they would go about coding these scenarios. I work at a Hospital and code for the Lab. We often get Standing Lab Orders for patient's that have CAD or other chronic disease, and come in prn, weekly, monthly for a PT/INR draw. I have tried to find a Coding Clinic that could give me a good example but do not find anything with a clear cut answer so I was wondering how my fellow coders handle these diagnosis.

I have been using the V58.83 then the chronic disease (if given), and then the V58.61 for Med. Monitoring. If they do not give a disease process and just say a PT/INR, then I use the V58.83 and the V58.61.

As long as I am on this subject....if someone comes in for a lab draw just to check there levels say if they are being treated for Elev. Lipids,....would you go ahead and use the V58.83 and the V58.69 (med. monitoring?)