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I'm not sure on how to bill lab tests that have muptiple CPT codes attached to our patients. Can anyone offer me some help here. It is only ONE test/price from the lab. Should I use all codes?
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I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you talking about panel tests?

Please clarify.


Maryann Palmeter, CPC
No. An example is a stool culture we run here. The lab runs one test and charges us one price. Their book states the CPT codes for this lab are 87045, 87046 and 87427. So, it's not really a test covered under a panel. Another is an Ova and Parasites test. Again one test, one price to us. CPT codes per the lab are 87177 and 87209. I'm guessing to properly track the tests I need to enter all codes in my system. I'm just not sure how to charge them. Hope that makes sense........Thanks for any help.