Laparotomy,Appy,drainage of intraabdominal abscess and lysis of abd adhesions


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Hi Just wondering if someone could help me out. I work for a general surgeon he performed a laparotomy,appy open, drainage of intraabd.abscess and lysis of adhesions at the same time for a small bowel obst.secondary to inflammatory changes from a perf.gang.appendix with intra abd.abscess. I explalined that I thought I could only code for the appy. Is that right? Thanks for your help:)
Yup, that's right, but if the lysis and/or drainage added a significant amount of time or difficulty to the procedure, you can bill it with a modifier -22.

Per the NHIC Part B Resource (March 2005, pg 120) – “lysis of adhesions that requires greater than one hour would be considered outside the range for expected difficulty”

Modifier -22 article:

:) Erica