little finger fracture care


Redding, CA
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I have a doc who did the following, and I need help! :eek:)

Small incision was made over the dorsum of the base of the little finger metacarpal through the skin and subcutaneous tissues retracting the extensor tendon laterally to the base of the metacarpal once opened up with an awl. Following this, insertion of Hand Innovations pin, which was brough up the canal through the fracture sited and down into the metacarpal head. After this, the wire was bent at a 90-degree angle and the the transfixing device was mounted into the base of the metacarpal to provide solid fixation and prevent rotation. The end of the pin was cut. A protection cap was placed on the pin and then two 4-0 nylon sutures were used to clos the skin around the pin.

I'm thinking this would be 26615, but I'm not sure. I'm definitely not a hand and fingers kind of girl. Thanks for the help!.