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If you are Certified AAPC coder looking for new or additional job opportunities please consider posting your qualifications and criteria for FREE on CodersDirect.com.

CodersDirect is not a staffing or recruiting company. Our viewable database consists of thousands of certified coders who anonymously* post their resumes/profiles on our site. Hundreds of interested HIM employers search our site daily. When they find a potential candidate they contact the coder through a private email to let them know about the job. The reason for the coder anonymity is to ensure coders that their contact information will not be seen by current employers or unsolicited recruiters. Your privacy is important and your contact information is not shared unless you release it to a specific employer.

Please register under the "Coder" tab on the home page of CodersDirect.com. This is a completely FREE service.

* To provide CPC-As maximum employer exposure their direct contact information is publically shown within their posted narrative.

Please contact me with any questions.

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