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I have had my dual coding certification (CPC-A and CPC-H-A) since July 2006 and have had horrible luck finding work. I completely understand the "apprentice" thing, however I took the courses and past the test and dont know what more I need to do to prove myself. I know that medical coding is what I want to do, but I am disappointed in how hard it has been finding anything. I am living in Northern, IL and there is no Local Chapter within 1 hr of me or no xtern site within at least 2hrs. I am currently driving 1hr each way to obtain my ceu's. I am willing to relocate for the right position and know that I would make a great memeber to any team. I willing to start out in an entry level position if given the chance to prove myself. If anyone has any leads or can help me in any way I would be forever greatful. Thanks :)
I would suggest starting out in a billing position with room to move into a coding position. Have either CPC even with the "A" is a step in the right direction.

It sounds as if one of your troubles is location but I would also be curious to know if you have experience in the field (medical office/hospital reimbursement). If you don't you should start there. It won't take long before your talents are recognized. If nothing else, try a temp agency. It's a good place to get your feet wet though it may require a few hours of competency testing.

Good luck!