luminal irregularities & mild anterior wall hypokinesis

Melanie Daugherty

Virginia Beach, VA
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Hi, if anyone out there can give me some insight as to what icd-9 code you would suggest for these impressions from a left heart cath I would greatly appreciate it. I am trying not to use 794.39 and 786.59. There is no evidence of obstructive atherosclerosis. Thanks a bunch!

Melanie R. Daugherty, CPC, CPC-H, CPC-P
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Honestly, I wouldn't assign an ICD for that. Instead, use the ordering or presenting signs/symptoms if no diagnosis can be established.

Good luck.
Thanks Kevin, after mulling it over earlier, that's exactly what I ended up doing; she had had an MPI for chest pain which came back abnormal, that's what prompted the cath.