Question Lymph Node Mapping

Gaylord, MI
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Would the use of radioactive dye intraoperatively fall under cpt code description 38900 when performing sentinel node mapping?

I know 38792 is used for the "injection", which is typically done in a radiology suite. However, if a provider uses the gamma probe, which is the same work as blue dye, can you use 38900 since it is intraoperative?
If you search in the CPT index it gives you injection or intraoperative for mapping, plus the RVUs are lower for radioactive. Why would a provider get paid less for handling radioactive dye? I am starting to wonder if 38792 is only for the injection since 38900 says "when performed". How would you map without an injection?
I am really looking for resources. CPT Asst and Coding Clinic do not provide the detail I am looking for.
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