Lysis of adhesion


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Hello everyone, I have an op note and the doctor wants to bill 29822 & 29819but i think it should be 29825 & 29822 b/cuz 29819 is in the same compartment as the 29822 and should be bundled. take a look

"under direct visualization, first identifying an 18 gauge spinal needle, an anterosuperior portal was made and a 4.5 arthroscope was introduced. the patient had developed osteoarthritic changegs. sutures were found from the previous labral repair and osteochondral loose bodies were debrided through the suction shaver. the loose articular cartilage was debrided with the shaver from the glenohumeral joint and a partial synovectomy was performed as well. The rotator cuff was intact. the arthroscope was redirected in the subacromial space. there was found to be adhesions laterally. a direct lateral portal in the subacromial space was made. First identifying an 18 gauge spinal needle, the 4.5 shaver was introduced to resect the adhesions. Once this was accomplished the rotator cuff was inspected on the bursal side. no evidence of the tear"

the way i see it is the loose bodies removal, loose articular cartilage debridement and (synovectomy which is bundled) took place in the glemohumeral compartment and the lysis of adhesion in the subacromial compartment , thus cpt 29825 and 29822?