Manager of Clinical Coding and Compliance

Binghamton, NY
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I am wondering if anyone out there that may be located in the Northeast would be willing to share the salary range for this position? or even a job description as to responsibilities.
I live in the Northeast. I am in the process of reorganizing my job description to be Coding and Auditing primary, managing secondary (I am an office manager and do billing/coding secondary to my management duties.) I researched the internet and base pay for this area is around $52,000+benes (for an office) all the way up to $67K(+benes for a hospital). The low end of that, for a Medical Billing Clerk-no management required was $43-$47K+benes. All require CPC and 3-5 yrs of experience. If you have managing experience (BS) you should probably ask for a little bit more. Gook luck.