Question Medicare changing POS code for telehealth?

Elkton, VA
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I work at a family practice and we received a notice from United Health Care that said, " Due to the updated CMS guidelines we now require telehealth visits to have POS 2, not 11, and that modifier -95, -GT is not required."
I can't find any information from CMS about this change.
Does anyone know if Medicare has changed their POS code requirements for E&M billing??


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According to this link, the POS did change to 02 for UHC on 1/1/21, but that's not what the 3rd link below says.
Telehealth |

There may be some different rules for certain states:
State-specific COVID-19 Telehealth Provisions - Northeast States (

According to this link, POS 11 for an office visit is still correct since the pandemic is still going on. But this may not be for all payors?
Place of Service For Telehealth Visits - KarenZupko&Associates, Inc.
What is the place of service for telehealth visits?

For Medicare, on all claims for dates of service March 1, 2020, and forward through the duration of the current public health emergency, use the place of service code where the provider would have normally performed the face-to-face service (e.g., 11, 22, 19, etc.). For example, if you would normally have seen the patient in your private practice office then report the E/M code using POS 11. If you would normally have seen the patient in a provider-based clinic in the hospital, then report the E/M code using POS 22.

If you normally would have performed the service as a telehealth visit, then use place of service code 02. Commercial payors may have different requirements. See Payor Telehealth Policies for more information.

Then there's this that makes it sound like mod 95 should be used. If anyone can explain all this better, that would be great. I hope I didn't only add to the confusion.
Modifier 95 | Telemedicine Modifier (