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We have a a few patients that are pregnant and are on Medicare. The prenatal visits ex: 59426 w/mod U2 and UA 81003 are not being paid. I am in the state of Indiana and I have googled it but get two answers. are prenatal visits billed separately like medicaid or are they billed globally? Also does the revenue code have to be pertaining to OB? I've called medicare and they are not helpful at all. So can anyone help please who has done medicare ob in state of Indiana.

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Pregnancy and Medicare

I have just read in the CPT under Maternal Care and Delivery, paragraph 2, or you can turn to page 206 in the 2012 CPT and read it. I think that should answer your question. I hope that helps
J Sturgeon, CPC

We are in Indiana as well and are OB/GYN. I spoke with Medicare directly regarding this same issue. Bill as Global, same as commercial carrier. Indiana Medicaid is the only carriers that use the antepartum codes ie 59425 U1 etc. modifier. So Global is the answer.