Micropulse diode treatment of retina


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I would appreciate some guidance on reporting "focal micropulse diode treatment of the retina". Since all I have is a laser form, there aren't many details. The only other information provided is:

Application : 49
Spot Size: 125
Seconds: 200
Watts: 930

From what I have read about micropulse diode treatment, it doesn't result in destruction of the lesion, so CPT 67210 "Destruction of localized lesion of retina (eg, macular edema, tumors), 1 or more sessions; photocoagulation " doesn't seem appropriate.

I used to code it with CPT 0016T, which was deleted. and I have been told by the ophthalmologist that is different from Transpupillary Thermotherapy (TTT).

So for the time being, I am reporting using this as an unlisted procedure CPT 67299.

What do y'all think?:confused: