Morton's Neuroma

Is there a code for the medication used? My doc injects dehydrated alcohol, epinepherine and marcaine. I "assume" it would be bundled with the procedure because of the agents used, but you know what happens when you assume...
Local Carriers - Morton's Neuroma


In veiwing your previous threads on the injection of Morton's Neuroma with a sclerosing agent, I have found that you appear to be pretty good with the Medicare websites. I have been trying to find my local carrier's coverage determination and rules on this injection for over a week now and even with a phone call to them have still come up empty handed. My carrier is NHIC.

Is there anyway that you can help me find my coverage/ruling for how to bill this. I hate to ask as I am sure that you are really busy.......but I am becoming pretty desparate with all the held claims I have now.

We are Part B New England.............

Kelly - I tried...your carrier's website is difficult to work with. I couldn't find anything either, so perhaps they do not have a current policy regarding mortons neuroma. I tried with words, codes, you name it. Nothing about this topic. Wish I could have been more helpful!