Muir-Torre Syndrome?

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Good morning everyone!

I have a chart here where the patient is having an EGD done due to high risk of cancer, because they have Muir-Torre syndrome. I can't find an ICD-9 code for this! Anyone know what it might be?

Thanks in advance!

Jamie Galloway
Definition: Muir-Torre Syndrome (MTS) is a sebaceous adenoma skin tumor with internal malignancy. Muir-Torre syndrome is a variant of hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC). People with Muir-Torre syndrome have an increased risk of the types of cancer seen in HNPCC, including colorectal, endometrial (uterine), stomach, ovarian, small bowel (intestinal), urinary tract, and hepatobiliary (liver or bile duct) tract cancers.

More info. needed: Is the MTS primary, benign? Location of MTS? Is this a screening only b/c of the high-risk?
We have a patient that was seen for sebaceous adenoma on the nose. I billed it to medicare and it was denied as not medically necessary.
We did Mohs surgery on this patient. I have been told to just write if off. I need the advice of the experts.
I am not yet certified but, I would like to know if we have a leg to stand on.
Janethe Hesterman
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