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Austin, IN
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I really need someone's help. I have bene doing ambulance billing off and on for about 4 years. Well basically all I do now is check the EMT's work to make sure the billing is correct based on the details they give me on their runs reports.

Our director wants us to bill specialty ( A 0434 ) if the Paramedic techs a run from hospital to hospital if the patient has to be on 2 drugs that the ambulance service does not usually carry.

NOW.. I do not feel this is correct. I read specialty care as the following... : specialty should be reported only for a critically ill patient which requires care beyond the scope of a paramedic by 1 or more healthcare specialist. Example: Dr, nursing , respiratory care...

Now sadly I think I am going to quit this job, because I feel they want me to bill all these specialty runs when I know they aren't specialty. I will probably lose my job. In fact, I have gave the director proof of what it says exactly in the Medicare CMS rules. I am over " doing the billing incorrectly" or stating I am billing it incorrectly.

Most of the transfers consist of a patient being on maybe a heprin drip with maybe morphine or another drug. The patient is ill but stable enough to go by ground . We do not have any EMT-Paramedics that hold a higher license than that of a paramedic. We are in the state of Indiana.

Can someone out there back me up ?! Am I billing these runs incorrectly? I should be billing these as either ALS or ALS2 right? Am I going crazy?