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I am needing some guidance on NDC #'s for flu vaccines. I am using the NDC Calculator trying to find the correct NDC # for 6-35 months . I know the cpt code is 90687. When I punch in the NDC# on the vaccine listed it shows the CPT code should be 90686. which that code is for 3 plus year for flu. I am unsure how to figure this out
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We just found out about needing NDC's on claim forms. Can anyone help me with the the rules? Is it all injectables? Or just medication, or just vaccines.
I looked at the federal register, but feel more confused. Can anyone help break it down in lay person's terms?

Thanks for the help! :)
It varies for each insurance. Iowa Medicaid dictates we submit EVERY NDC code so we have all of ours loaded anyway. Other insurance companies only want it for specific drugs (maybe its just that they are not current, imagine that).

The other problem we run into is not all insurance companies want it listed in the same place on the HCFA. It would nice if there was consistancy wouldn't it?!

It can be a bit of a project, it would probably be best to just start loading NDC's for all of your drugs (saline, heparin etc included).
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