Need help coding surgery please!


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How and what do you all code for if the surgery was -- Laparoscopic cecal resection with appendenctomy and umbilical herniorrhaphy.

OP Report:

A supraumbilical midline incision was made through the skin and subcutaneous tissue to the linea alba. The linea alba was grasped, elevated and incised. The peritoneum was grasped with hemostats, elevated and incised. The appendix appeared to be normal. The liver was normal. There was an intramural cecal mass close to the appendix and the insertion of the ileum into the cecum was identified. The lateral bands of the peritoneum around the cecum were mobilized. The mesoappendix was transected and the cecum was elevated. I determined a plane of transection based on the insertion of the ileum into the cecum and then I transected the proximal cecum. Frozen section of the specimen revealed the patient had an intramural abscess adjacent to the appendix. There was no acute appendicitis at this time. The umbilicus was then detached from the anterior abdominal wall utilizing sharp dissection and inermittent blunt dissection, and then the umbilical defect was closed.