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I do hospital billing for ENT, not clinic. ENT Dr. saw pt in office for parotid duct stone. Drs notes say:
The papilla of the parotid duct was injected with 1% lidocaine and epinephrine. It was probed with lacrimal probes. Through bimanual examination, I was able to palpate a small stone approximately 1 1/2 cm back from the papilla. Attempts to massage this out were unsuccessful. Small iris scissors were then used to make a cut in the papilla back to the level of the stone. Further manipulation was unable to express the stone. No further attempts were made due to patient intolerance. No purulence or saliva was expressed.
Will admit for IV antibiotics.

The office didnt bill for the ov since pt was admitted. I will bill for the H&P. However, shouldnt the office have billed 42330 with a modifier 52? If so, I need to contact the office and have them put the charge in.