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My name is Leora. I am a Augusta Georgia resident and I have a dilemma.
I have been contemplating, procrastinating, and fearing to take the Medical Billing and Coding exam or just the Medical billing exam itself. I'm fear of going back to sit in a class where I feel intimidated. I will feel ageless, dump founded and out of site to put it kindly.

I've received my certificate in Medical Billing and Coding from New York. But I couldn't continue my career because of mitigating circumstances. it's been awhile now and I'm encouraging myself to get back into the health education game. But time is getting away from me and I want to desperately take this exam before the year end of 2016. This is my struggle. I also, believe that I can do this on my own, but it's hard to have the mind set and mentality to overcome the fear that I can fail. I don't want to fail. I want to take the exam on the first try and get it over. I am afraid of exams. I freeze up and the mind goes blank. I try very hard not to think about the negative too much but just the thought, can I do this (it) on my own.

I have started to adjust to the idea that I need a plan B. Networking. Can I do the studying and practice test on my own. Do I need the extra motivation? Do I need that other human body or two in front of me helping me, encouraging me and studying with me. What do I do? Is there a such thing as study buddies to help and encourage each other for the studying, practicing and preparing themselves for the exam.

The last workshop or seminar I attended was in June 2016 at the chapter in Richmond County. It was held at Virginia College campus. I brought it to the attention of everyone that attended. I left all my information at the end of the seminar with the spoke person and other members that were guess. I have not heard from the chapter's officers. This is my request for Study Buddies. Please contact me. email: