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op note reads: returning to the medial compartment, the medial meniscus was inspected. It was probed. There was seen to be no tears of the medial meniscus. Anterior horn was not visualized due to the hypertrophic synovium. Motorized resector was then introduced. The obstructing synovium was resected. It was then coagulated drying up the hypertrophy of the synovium.
Further synovial resection was completed in gteh anterior compartment extending toward lateral compartment. This was followed by a coagulation of teh residual synovium.
The anterior horn of the lateral meniscus was inspected and showed contusion, its peripheral attachment was not torn. On the inner rim of the anterior horn of the lateral meniscus, a tear was seen which was resected.
Now returning to the anterior compartment and the patella, the inferior pole of the patella showed complex subchondral fractures which was displaced. They were horizontal and parallel to one another. They did communicate down to subchondral bone and some fat leakage was seen through the factures.