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New flu vaccine code???


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just checking to get my ducks in a row for upcoming year ~ new books not in yet and haven't seen any correspondence on the new flu vaccine.

We just received the flu vaccine and it now contains the following: H3N2, H1N1, and Influenza B. I know in the past we have just billed the one code for the administration 90471 and 90658 if commercial. But the vaccine to my knowlege did not contain all three of these viruses. Will this code be changing for this current year. We have already started giving the injection. What to do???? PLEASE HELP YOU SUPER CODERS!

yearning for some learning quick!


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flu vaccine

to my knowledge the flu vaccine has always had 3 different strains (viruses), the strains may or may not change. It does not change the CPT or ICD-9 codes. CPT codes are driven by what type of vaccine you have. Adult/ pediatric no-preservative / flumist


Sioux Falls South Dakota
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The seasonal flu vaccines always contain three viruses. This year, H1N1 is one of the three; the others are H3N2 (another "A") and a "B" virus - the Brisbane 2008.
The codes would be the regular seasonal flu vaccine codes that you normally use - based on age, preservative free, etc. Remember that 90662 is for the enhanced immunogenicity via increased antigen content.

Again, the codes used would be based on what vaccine you receive/administer - your manufacturer/supplier would tell you if preservative free or not.

Use the admin code as usual, based on if Medicare or other insurance.

Although CMS updates their allowances for the ifluenza vaccines on September 1 each year, I have not received the MLN about it, nor can I find it on the website.

Hope this helps,